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Wow...that ending. I honestly can't say I'm enjoying watching this as it's every nightmare in tv show form, though it's well done and relevant.

-This is going places where the novel did not go with genital mutilation. And no, these did not just happen in other countries, these happened in the US during Victorian times to stop female masturbation or just to use on uppity women to calm them down. I know Margaret Atwood said everything in her novels had a historical example, and the tv show does follow this. Between that and executing a woman for being gay, it's disturbing.

Speaking of which, I need to update my passport...and get my kid's passports. In case things really go to hell in a handbasket.

-I am having a hard time with how technology seems to be written out. Such as when the women were fired no one jumped on Facebook or Twitter for news to see what was happening, or even had forewarning of it. I know that the book was written in 1985, still, it's hard to reconcile. That's the one hang up I have with this.

-I'm wondering where they're going with Offred and Serena Joy. By now it's diverged so much from the book I'm just not sure.


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