Sep. 16th, 2017

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Casa Manana in Fort Worth had a production of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and I went to see it with my parents and kids for my mom's birthday. I've never seen a live production of it before, though I've seen the tv movie with Donnie Osmond, and Brent went through a period where he was watching it daily.

Joseph is one of those musicals where when I first saw the movie I wasn't sure what I thought of it, but after hearing the music on my Pandora Broadway station and watching it a ton of times with Brent I've comes to enjoy and embrace it's quirkiness. And the Casa Manana production was extremely good and enjoyable, even the children's chorus was very nice and it wasn't annoying.

The actors were very engaging with the audience, and Casa Manana is set up with a lot of aisles that they come down and dance in. We were right at the front of the stage and twice an actor sat next to Brent or Gwen and started talking to them (and where met with stone face silence). All of the singing was great, it was well choreographed, and the set designs were fun. I also liked how during the encore they did a remix and let everyone do a section of their big song. It was a very well done production and I have no complaints or nitpicks.

Brent really liked it. He has the live theater passion. Gwen enjoyed it, but wasn't able to contain her excitement, so my dad had to take her to the lobby for parts of it. I think in another year she'll handle it better.


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