Sep. 1st, 2017

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The culverts in my parent's neighborhood worked like they should, and their house stayed dry. A lot of people in their city were not so lucky. And right now they are without water (ironically), but between Home Depot and the National Guard, that have five cases of water. Next worry is they may run out of food as all of the roads in and out of their city are flooded, but for now they are good. If anything, this shows the need for good urban planning and building codes IMO. Two of the other houses they had nearly bought are now under water and they are glad they held out for a house out of the flood plan and with a drainage system built into the neighborhood design. This was not full proof, as a different block flooded when a tree fell over and blocked one of the culverts, so luck was also a factor. But that neighborhood weathered the flooding better than the rest of the city.

In more local news, the other night I went to the grocery store and noticed a ton of cars at the gas station. I shook my head wondering what it was all about, and the next day when I dropped Brent off at Easter Seals one of the other parents was talking about their being a run on gas because of the hurricane and that it was getting as high as $10 a gallon at some places. I was at a half tank, and a full tank lasts me a week, so I figured it we didn't go anywhere over the weekend we could stretch it into the following week and stayed away. Honestly if it's going to go up, it's going to go up, and topping off before it skyrockets doesn't make much sense to me because it won't last. But throughout yesterday I saw long lines that went into the street for gas. Now I'm glad I stayed away because they're referring to it as the Great Gas Panic and that people panicking and running for gas created the situation, not the Hurricane. I hear some local gas stations are out of gas now. So we're kicking it close to home for awhile.


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