Dec. 14th, 2014

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Last night Andy and I went to see Behind the Myths. I wasn't sure what to expect because they obviously would not be exploding things on the stage. They did some demonstrations of physics and debunking of things spiritualists say. Adam explained how he came to do what he does, and Jamie played the straight man to Adam's antics. It was enjoyable, hilarious and fun, but I still can't put my finger on a good way to describe what it was, mostly because things seemed to meander from one stunt to the next.

That said, I wished my kids were a bit older and could have come. There were a lot of kiddos in the audience having a blast, and the show included a lot of audience participation and several kids ended up on stage and left with autographed pictures. It was really great to see how excited they were.

All told, I have so much respect for Adam Savage and loved listening to him talk about science and skepticism. He is also a decent juggler and did some tricks on stage. During his Q&A so many people asked to shake his hand or do a selfie with him and he invited them on up. Someone even asked if they could buy him a drink. He says he doesn't drink anymore.

I wished I known that there was going to be a Q&A, because then I would have had the foresight to ask Jamie to sing "I Am the Walrus..."

Anyway, look closely, because Andy and I are in the audience somewhere...along with Jamie!


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