Oct. 29th, 2014

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It's getting dark earlier, which means no more walking to the park with B after we get G to sleep. So for my B and me time we've been watching "Sid the Science Kid" before he goes to bed. I was unexpectedly very impressed with it. Unlike a lot of shows for kids about science whcih explains how things work, this show shows how science works as a process.

It talks about keeping charts, taking measurements, keeping a journal, making observations, etc. It's about the process of science and how we know what we know. And to top it off, B loves it!

I'm also impressed with the diversity in the show. Unlike most children's shows that aren't specifically targeting girls, there's more than two girls on the show. Let me repeat that, there are more than two girls on the show! There are four students, two boys, two girls, and the two little girls do not fall into the tomboy/prissy girl dichotmies. IT IS SO REFRESHING! In fact, as for the cast that appears in every episode, there's actually more women than men in the show (6 female, 5 male). Sid is also biracial, though considering they're digital puppets it's hard to tell how much of an impression this makes on kids.

And, I must say, I want my kids to go to a school like the one Sid goes to! Ah, I can dream,,,


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