Sep. 21st, 2014

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After a hellacious Weds and Thurs and a Friday made hard by lack of sleep (I like my sleep), things have settled down. AC is still broken but it's bearable with all the windows open and fans going full tilt. And some good things have happened.

1. I got a raise! Got a letter Saturday telling me I had a raise. Strange way to get the news, but I won't complain. After Weds and Thurs I damn well deserved it!

2. Emma Watson! Emma Watson! Emma Watson! Such a role model for both G and B! We spend so much time on child celebrities who went "bad" I'm glad to see some attention paid to her and the incredible work she is doing!

3. Rejected Princesses! I am LOVING this site! I about fell out of my seat laughing while reading about Corn Maiden. Also learning a lot.

4. Googling "people having a worse day than you" is always good for a much needed laugh...even if I feel like a horrible person for laughing.

5. Earlier today, B and G were watching "The Laurie Berkner Band." G was in her bouncer and Andy started dancing and she just started bouncing and "dancing" with him. Then B. grabbed this small drum we had left out (um, yes, we just have random musical instruments lying around the house, because we like music) and started drumming with one of the songs. I have the cutest kiddos.


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