Aug. 9th, 2014

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One thing we've been working with B a lot on is making requests and choices. He has a hard time telling us what food he wants, what he wants to watch, and the way he tells me what books he wants to read is by throwing the book he doesn't want to read across the room.

So when we went shopping today, and I asked him if he wanted Cheerios or poptarts for breakie for the week I was shocked when he said, "I don't want either."

What never ceases to stun me is how he'll say something so clearly one day, and then it'll be weeks before I hear him say another sentence. At any rate, I asked him what he wanted and he looked at the boxes of chocolate Lucky Charms. Internally I groaned. I figured if I never exposed him to those super sugary cereals he'd never want them (unbeknownst to me until I got home, Andy had gotten some at some point and given him a bowl). I told him he was going to have to point otherwise I wouldn't know what to get (which helps when he's choosing a snack) and he pointed. So I ended up getting the box. Reinforcing the whole letting his needs be known thing and giving him diabetes in the process.

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