Jul. 24th, 2014

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Tuesday I woke up and realized that I really need to refill my inhaler because my asthma was acting up, but it wasn't enough to keep me from going into work. The longer I was at work the worse I felt and when I finally got home I was running a high fever. Yesterday I knew I needed to get to the doctor but I was running a very high fever and in so much pain I couldn't stomach going to a waiting room (and was pinning for those good old days I've heard about where the doctor would make house calls). Since I was so sick I couldn't care for the kids (and my dad is also sick) Andy took them to daycare. I watched the beginning of Insidious Chapter 2 but was too exhausted to finish it.

That evening after Andy had brought them home and gotten everyone to bed, I decided to finish it. Well, B wasn't really asleep and came out and started snuggling with me on the couch. I was too exhausted to let Andy (who hates horror movies and will not be in the same room with me when I am watching one) know he was out, and since my tonsils were swollen my voice is pretty much gone so I couldn't yell.

So I let him watch the end of Insidious Chapter 2 with me. Fortunately it didn't seem to scar him, after it was over he turned to me and said "night night" and let Andy take him back to bed. I guess in a few years he's going to be my horror movie watching buddy (yes!).

And today I felt well enough to go to the doctor, and it's strep throat. Lovely.


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