Jul. 5th, 2014

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Last night I had a dream that I was a guest on some sort of game show and I looked to my left and saw Sonia Sotomayor sitting beside me. Why the hell we were on a game show together, I don't know. But we were. Rather than play whatever game we were on, I asked her about the Hobby Lobby decision, and she and I had a good rant. The dream was oddly cathartic.

In other news, someone in Georgia left his son to die in a car, and there's a pile of evidence that makes it look like he and his wife did it deliberately. Now, as someone with a complex week schedule I can get how it could happen accidentally. On Mondays and Weds, my dad comes to watch the kids and I leave the house kid free. On Tues and Thurs, I have to drop them off at daycare. Once or twice as I was driving I'd look in the backseat and see B there and realize I'd forgotten to drop him off and immediately turn around. I've never gotten as far as work but I could see how it could happen, and it's terrifying.

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