May. 14th, 2014

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On Mondays my dad takes B to see his parents and then takes him to and picks him up from pre-k to give me a break. I was mortified when he got home and told me that the teacher said B had bitten another kid hard enough that they had to have ice put on it. Yesterday as I was picking him up I was told he bit again, and was mystified that the teacher didn't seem more concerned. Today when I dropped him off I had a moment to talk to the teacher who explained that the child B was biting was the classroom bully and that he was taking toys away from B and B was defending himself. Before he wouldn't defend himself and let other kids walk over him, and the teacher says that it's been good to see him fight back.

I have mixed feelings. Biting isn't a good way to handle bullies. In fact, the problem with bullies is that we've yet to find a good way to deal with them. It also raises fears because I was badly bullied throughout elementary school and I don't want the same thing to happen to him, granted, after thinking about it for awhile I was relieved that B was not the class bully!

Someone rambley thoughts below. )


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