Apr. 1st, 2014

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So I've been having Braxton-Hicks every day for over a month, and bouts of false labor at least once at week but that have been getting more frequent. These are like my body's own natural April Fool's day jokes and aren't funny in the least. I did kind of wonder if this was a sign that she would arrive on April Fool's day, but as I've merely been having the usual Braxton-Hicks and things are progressing into the afternoon, I guess not *sighs*.

In other news, yup, we all got the stomach bug last week. It was nasty business. For me the worst thing was the severe exhaustion. For Andy it was that he lost so much electrolytes he started cramping and shaking and we had to run out to get Gatorade (none of us are sports drink people). Of course, we were getting sick just as B. was recovering and getting back to full strength. Fortunately my parents are awesome and spent their wedding anniversary babysitting him on Saturday while we slept and recovered. And we're all back to good health and ready to have this baby. Well, with the exception of B. who seems to enjoy having more time with me in the spotlight.

Comparison between B and Gs pregnancies below. )


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