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On Tumblr I posted that with just fanfiction I wrote about 180,000 words in 2016 (with blog posts, client notes, and original work, that number goes up), and FrenchCirce asked how I do that with two kids. Part of the answer is genetic. Because of I'm autistic and have an auditory processing disorder, listening and speaking were very hard for me as a child (and still difficult over the phone), so when I was young (and even now) I preferred reading things because the written word is more certain than the spoken one. And it goes the same with writing versus speaking, I express myself better through writing. So I wrote often as a child.

My parents also write, and even before most people had a household computer, they had a typewriter and then a word processor, and I would use those often. Anyway, I get up to speeds of about 80-90 WPM, so I can type out about 5000 words in an hour. So there's a strong compulsion to write because of genetics and because it's how I express myself and I love written words more than spoken ones, and practice.

As for the practice part...

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After years of having nothing of interest on my profile on FFN and AO3, I finally did up a break down of the different genres and a top 10 ranking of my fanfics based on the number of favorites and kudos they have gotten. What fascinates me is how one work can be very popular on FFN and not so much on AO3 and vice versa, which makes me wonder how good of a metric it is, but it's the most objective one that I have.

Then I ran into problems because it was too long for AO3 (sighs) so I'll have to think of something there. At anyrate, here's my updated FFN profile if you're curious.

In other news, I'm obviously in my end of summer slowdown. I don't know why, but January through around June I tend to be very prolific and then I slowdown, and that's not looking to change soon. Throw in that I've been having a horrible year and lately I've been escaping more by reading than writing, yeah. So aside from finishing the Slayers Resolution rewrite, I don't have much coming up for awhile. I have some ideas, even a good portion of some things written, but I don't think I'll get back to them before January. I may surprise myself, though. Who knows.
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In what was probably a bizarre coincidence but makes me wonder if there's some weird grand conspiracy going on, three people contacted me this week stating they either should review more or feel it is important to review. I know this fandom is getting smaller by the day, and barring a new series that's likely to continue, so I figured I should take some time to say, if you review my stuff, even if it's just a "thank you," I appreciate you. If you give a kudos or favorite my work, I appreciate you, and even if you just read and enjoy, I appreciate you. And if you really go all out and draw pics based on my work, like the awesome [ profile] brendala then I REALLY appreciate you!

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I'm usually very shy about such stuff, but now considering my livelihood will depend on my ability to promote myself, here goes. Got a PM this morning inviting me to join a writing contest for Inkitt. Considering the fandom I write for is small and nearly dead I don't expect much in the way of contests and things, so someone finding my work and thinking it was good enough to submit was very flattering. Now I'm just trying to decide which one I should submit.

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I was planning to do this around January, but life got too messy then. But I'm finally moving forward with my plans to launch a new blog and work on my original writing. I've got a memoir planned on growing up as a Secular Humanist in Texas, a horror series about a group of women who perform exorcisms to rid houses of ghosts, and a dystopian (or, perhaps, utopian) novel about the last human being alive. Er, I always have multiple projects in the work.

I'll probably still do the occasional one-shot for "The Slayers." I hate to admit that I still have this irrational lasting need to make sure that the last Slayers fic ever written is a Lina/Gourry one. But other than that I won't be posting on here anymore aside from doing my annual fanfic notes.

I hope you're interested in continuing to follow me. If not, best of luck! One of the reasons I stayed around LJ so long even though with each year it was getting quieter and quieter is because of how much fun I had reading about and conversing with people on here.
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I've been writing since I learned to write. And I am not exaggerating. My mom loved Hans Christian Anderson and before the Disney film came out had a version of the story of "The Little Mermaid" that I read often. One day when I was 5 or 6 I wrote my own version of the story complete with pictures and asked my mom to publish it. She lovingly told me to do it myself, so I got some saran wrap and put it around the bundle of papers. I was very disappointed with the final result.

When I was a teenager I started reading Tara K. Harper's novels and read her website often. On writing she said she could never force herself to write, and that if she did she would often have to delete what she wrote and re-write it when she was in the mood. She said she couldn't imagine setting a limit for her to churn out each day. Being a mood writer myself I nodded in agreement when I read it.

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The good news is I found my muse! She was hiding under a pile of unfolded laundry or something like that. The bad news is I don't have as much time as I used to have for some odd reason. So based on all that I think it'll be about a month before I actually post something, but I am working on something! Two somethings.

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So, thanks for the help of the awesome [ profile] retsuko, I have an AO3 account. I've spent the last month updating and in some cases revising and adding scenes for things I've written and I've now mostly got it all up. Most of it was minor, but I'll list the stuff with significant changes below here. )

Also, I must say, AO3 has the most user friendly posting system of the archive sites. In fact, the other sites don't even compare because AO3 is so far ahead of them there. gives me fits, as does Media Miner. So, major props there!

The other thing I've come to realize is writing is like xanax for me. Anxiety runs in my family. I think of myself as being more anxious than most people but not to the point where I want to use medication for it, especially as anxiety meds are prone to abuse and that's not a problem I want. So instead I write. That way instead of thinking of my problem's I'm thinking of someone else's. Hence why I've been writing lately. I also like the sense of control that comes with it. Can't control some things in my life, but I can control what happens to people in the stories I write.
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Recently I realized that I have been shipping Lina and Gourry for 11 years. At first I thought I had to be adding my years wrong. There was no way that college was that long ago! But yes. I was 19 when I started shipping them. I am now 30. Sometime in the fall I will mark my 12th years as a Lina/Gourry shipper.

Lately I've been doing a lot of existential thinking about why this ship has stayed so strong with me. Why it has stuck around for so long and why after all these years I'm still writing for them and not moving onto other things. And while I think that Lina and Gourry are the best ship ever, there's still plenty of other good ones out there to explore. I think there are many factors, but right show, right time in my life is definitely one of them, if not the biggest one.

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