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29. NOtp

I don’t like Xellos paired with anyone except, perhaps, other Mazoku (though I’m still not 100% sold that Mazoku have something like love even for each other, but perhaps something based on loyalty, which they do have, or perhaps they’re into Sadomasochism with each other). It just goes against my concept of Mazoku to be loving.

I think an example of this is Rashatt in the novels. He was Gaav’s minion, but after Gaav dies rather than avenging Gaav or appearing torn up (or happy to be free from Gaav) about it, his allegiance changed to Hellmaster, the person who killed Gaav. So there’s extreme loyalty, but it’s very hierarchical and it doesn’t appear as though they have an emotional attachment to their superiors, equals or subordinates.

And I also don’t like Lina paired with anyone but Gourry, unless it was before she met him (like Lina and Naga, I don’t see it, but it doesn’t phase me much, or if she had a cute crush on the neighborhood boy before she left Zefiel City). Lina/Zel and Lina/Xellos both really aggravate me.
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28. Who was your favorite fish person in the series?


Unless they’re dead, can’t talk with that horrible bubbly voice and filleted on a bed of rice.
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27. Ever tried to introduce your friends to Slayers? How’s that go?

I’ve introduced 3 people. The first was my sister when she was staying at my place for the weekend because I was throwing my annual college Halloween party. We watched a bit before the party started but didn’t make it through the Shabranigdo arc. The next morning I woke up because she was standing on my bed, still dressed her in her vampire cape and dress. She looked at me and said, “I want to watch anime.”

I looked at her and said, “You know how to work a VCR.”

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26. Have you ever had a desktop photo of Slayers?

I’ve had many! I have a desktop timer that cycles through several hundred wallpapers. Not just Slayers, though. Tons of other shows, but there are a lot of Slayers ones. In fact, right now it’s a colorized one of Lina and Gourry looking deeply into each other’s eyes....Inspiration! And it just changed to one of Lina being Lina.
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25. Have you memorized any lengthy spells?

LOL, yeah. Can’t avoid it. I listen to something a few times and I have it memorized. And I might have been known to spout off the Dragon Slave when another driver does something stupid while I’m driving...
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24. Would you wish for another season?

Yes, however, I think I’d prefer a reboot that focuses on staying closer to the novel’s storyline. Much as I’d love to see the later storylines animated, I think the extended break between seasons forces the creators to do things that aren’t in the best interest of telling the story, thus you have recycling successful villains and poorly trying to recapture the humor-action balance of the original in Evo-Revo rather than creating a quality story that holds up on it’s own that could have drawn in new as well as old fans.
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23. Gif that describes how you feel about your favorite/least favorite character

Fav (Lina):

Least Fav (Pokota):
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22. Favorite hairstyle in the series?

People who know me in real life would laugh and agree that I could easily answer the worse hairstyle in the series (Rezo…he looks like Bozo the clown with a bad hair dye).

As for favorite…that’s a lot harder. Especially since I don’t like bangs. I’ll just go with Lina’s.
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21. Favorite spell?

Either the Ragna Blade because the is effin cool, or Visfarank.

Spell that I never got to see in the anime but would have loved to is Zelas Brid.
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20. After the events of TRY, how do you think Valgaav would have grown up?

With love and puppies <3 <3 <3
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19. Any head cannons?

Um, lots! And some change depending if it’s novels or anime.

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18. Favorite member of the Mazoku race?
Phibrizo. He is one emotionally manipulative little bastard.
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17. Favorite unlikely ship?

Hm, well, there’s not many cannon ships in the series, and this is vague enough I’m not sure if they mean cannon or non-cannon. I’m also having a hard time quantifying unlikely.

Cannon: I guess Zel and Amelia are a bit unlikely, because she’s a princess and in those times royalty married royalty. And given Zel’s condition I don’t really see him dropping his search for his cure to settle down in Seyruun.

Non-cannon: After reading the novels I became intrigue by the idea of Zelgadis and Sylphiel. They worked well together in Sairaag, their personalities suit each other, and they both stood up to Rezo when it was dangerous for them to do so and have reasons to personally hate him.

And, I think Xellos and Sherra would be interesting, granted, I’m, not entirely convinced that Mazokus romance each other. And given that Xellos is very effective at what he does and Sherra lets her pride get in the way, might point to some serious personality conflicts. But these things aren’t rational, so…
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16. If you were in Lina’s position would have cast the Giga Slave?

With the caveat that we rarely really know how we would act in high risks situations (we tend to overestimate our abilities to handle everything perfectly without freezing), logically I would say yes. If Lina had refused to cast it to save Gourry, Hellmaster would have kept killing her other friends, and then he could have either targeted her family or held a random town hostage and killed them all, and kept doing it until she decided to cast it. I ultimately see Lina being in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t place. While she may have been able to go home, summon Luna and every other powerful human she’s ever met to fight him, I think Phibrizzo would have spent the time she took doing that to kill a large number of people. Basically she made a high stakes gamble: keep as many people living as possible versus the whole world.

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15. What outfit from the series do you wish you owned.

This is hard, because I don’t like a lot of the outfits in the series, I mean, really, Slayers fashion is in serious SOS.

I guess Amelia’s green dress in the Femille episode is sorta cute (and actually so are Lina’s and Martina’s, but I like the color of Amelia’s outfit best) and I could pull it off. Lina’s yellow dress in the cruise ship episode is also cute but considering that by the time I was 13 I was so tall people were mistaking me for an adult, let’s just say I can’t pull off the cute little girl look so it would be a waste owning it. So Amelia’s green dress.

That said, “wish I owned” is stretching it a bit, but if it magically appeared in my closet one day I would wear around town without feeling embarrassed.
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14. What would your magical specialty be if you lived in the world of Slayers?

I’d love to say Black Magic like Lina, but I don’t think so really. I’d worry too much about hurting people with Black Magic, and unlike Lina, I’m more subtle than flashy, and she likes Black Magic because it is so flashy. If I were free of my neuroses, though, Black Magic would be cool.
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13. What attracted you to the series?

Lina’s fight to win speech, and the way she is the big hero in the story, and the way she has friendships with other women, and the epic, rather unconventional approach it took with the love story aspect, and the humor.
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12. Gif that describes how you feel about the series.

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11. Who’s your least favorite character?

Back in college it was Martina. She annoyed the daylights out of me. Boy crazy drama queens tend to annoy the shit out of me in real life (er, sorry to all the boy crazy drama queens out there, if it helps, karma is biting me in the ass, as my adorable little two-year-old is becoming quite the Drama Queen, we’ll see what she’s like as a teenager I guess), so I was often exasperated with her. With time and nostalgia I’ve softened towards her a bit.

Now, I would say Pokota. The whole him being a stuffed animal just disturbs me because A. I overthink it and B. I’m highly empathetic. Which looks like this: He has a zipper on his stomach, his stomach zips open and closed. I get shivers thinking about it, because I imagine having a zipper on my stomach and people being able to open and close it and it GIVES ME THE EFFIN HEEBIE JEEBIES! I am gagging thinking about it!

And it that’s not bad enough, he just sticks huge stuff like the SOL in there! OMG! HE IS CARRYING A SWORD HILT INSIDE OF HIM! WTF I’M GAGGING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! WHAT IF IT SOMEHOW ACTIVATED INSIDE OF HIM!? And does he keep his other gear in there!? Does it all jostling and bumble around in his stomach? AIYEEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYE!

And that he is filled with stuffing! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! And how the stuffing just magically stays in place after his ears are cut off? There’s no one with OCDD who goes up to him and starts pulling it out!? UUUURRRRRRGH!

Suffice to say, I find it highly disturbing to look at him/think about him/hear mentions of him. The logistics of his character just…don’t sit well with me. And this is why he has barely a mention in one story I’ve written (out of, er, 68 stories) and likely will never feature in anything I’ve written more prominently than that.
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10. How old were you when you first started watching/reading Slayers?



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