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Title: The Storm, Ch 8: Living in the Shadow
Characters/Pairings: Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis, Sylphiel, Luna, Rubia
Ratings/Warnings: None
Plot: Lina feels compelled to join the fight against Shabranigdu again when her children befriend a girl who she believes is the reincarnation of the daughter she lost. Sequel to Beneath the Portrait.

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For the first novel as well as information about how I organized this and the purpose behind it.

Well, it took me several months, but I finally banged this out. This novel gave me fits for a bit because of how I typically format these with the characters appearing in the order of their appearance in the series. That just wasn’t working for this novel, so it finally occurred to me this week to shake up the order and voila! I got this done. So instead of starting with Lina and ending with Memphis, I’m starting with Memphis and saving Lina for last, because Lina’s the best. Enjoy!

Much thanks to all of the translators who worked on the latter half of the series who made this possible. Especially the one who translated the 15th one, found here.

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Purpose: An in-depth examination of the Slayers characters as portrayed in the light novels. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about the series is the rich and complex characters, so I’m going to analyze the heck out of them.

For more information about how I organized this, and for the review of the first novel, click here.

Plot: Episodes 3-6 of Slayers NEXT follow this storyline very loosely. And while I love some of the humor in the anime, the way it unfolded in the book was a lot better. Since the plotline is barely recognizable in anime form, I’m going to do a quick summary for this one.

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