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Got her home, thank goodness no jaundice this time. Now the four of us are settling in and getting used to the new normal.

Overall a much better birth experience, so glad I changed doctors! )

Pics below. )


Apr. 7th, 2014 12:47 am
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Gwen finally decided to come out. She is healthy and fiesty!
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B. has been blossoming lately. He's talking a lot more, though it's very difficult to understand him. A lot of the times he says the first syllable of a word, elongates the vowel, and then drops the last syllable completely. "Want eat" becomes "Wan ee!" and so forth. So when he's stringing together a long sentence, a lot of the times it's still indecipherable.

Family stuff below. )

Busy Friday

Oct. 4th, 2013 10:43 pm
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Busy, productive day. Woke up and realized if I tried to go into the pantry to make breakfast I was going to hurl. I took the medicine and managed to grab Brent some Cheerios because fortunately the box was on the counter, but those were out of the question for my breakfast mostly because I've not done so good at keeping them down and had no appetite for them. So without having breakfast myself we left to get the van inspected and the oil changed. The place I went to actually has a children's waiting room with toys and crayons. There's a tv and they had children's videos but I didn't put anything in. I kind of hate the trend of having tvs in waiting areas and restaurants (restaurants even more so!) because A. I usually want to read and find the noise distracting and B. I think it's important for Brent to learn to entertain himself without screens.

But is it really worth it with the proliferation of smart phones? Am I just setting myself up for useless frustration? )

After getting the car repaired, we went to the donut shop as I'd not eaten and felt I could hold something down only if someone else made it for me (every time I've tried to cook this week it's ended badly. Every time I've tried to go into the pantry it's ended badly. And fortunately Andy was there that one time I had water on the stove top boiling). And Brent knows how to charm his way into free donuts.

We walked in, and when the cashier came up he cheered and clapped his hands and instantly got a free cinnamon stick. Then after I'd ordered the cashier loaded one bag with free donut holes for him. The advantages of being small and cute!

Meeting with the ISD, getting Brent into services. )

After that, Andy had enough overtime this week that he was able to take the rest of Friday off. He's been having to put in more hours than usual at work because he's launching a new database system. While driving home he expressed relief that he wasn't management (he's as far as he can go without becoming management) because managers at the city he works for usually put in more than 60 hours a week. And he was glad I was not pressuring him to go that route.

Work/life balance, the benefits of a good daycare, and trashing the American dream for emotional and family health )

Got home, found the mail had come in, along with my projected bill for maternity care and hospital costs. When I actually explored my short term disability I found that if the doctor signed off I could actually be covered for the full 12 weeks. I've not talked to my doctor yet (though will at the next visit) but there was a letter about how barring medical need they won't sign for longer than six. And I feel like banging my head against a wall.

Now if only we as a society could focus on supporting people and not the acquisition of wealth... )
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Nausea is kicking in so it's starting to feel real. I'm pregnant! Due in March. Currently exhausted.

Firsts thoughts on the second time around. )
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This weekend my husband and I blew $150 at Half Priced Books. We've never done that before, never came close. $50 may be but never $150. I blame the shopping cart.

We had B. with us, and as he was not content to perch on my shoulders for a piggy back ride and he's at a stage where he wants to push all of the books to the back of the shelf, and as they had these nice little shopping carts with a child seat on them, I put him in there. Nice easy solution. With one draw back.

Usually I know it's time to go to the register when my arms are full and I can't carry any more books. Well, a cart can fit a lot more than your arms. A helluva lot more. And we just kinda loaded up the cart until it was full. Suddenly we got to the register and realized we had a lot more than we ever planned on getting.

The moral of the story? Shopping carts in bookstores are evil. They are not to be used under any circumstances, even if you have a toddler in tow.

So, in other words, we have now completed our book shopping for the year and will not get anything new until 2014.
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The Early Childhood Intervention people came out to re-test Brent today and compare where he is now to where he was a year ago. Since we go the OT on board he's been making such great progress that it was jarring going through the testing and to realize just how far behind he still is. It was an emotionally exhausting 2 hours and I was starting to feel rather despondent towards the end until the administrator showed me the results. This time last year he had a delay of about 30% between he real age and the tasks that he was doing. This year we got it down to about 15%. He's still not on target but we are catching up!

The other good news is the early autism warning signs are disappearing. When we did the M-CHAT (early screening tool for autism) last year he was borderline on the results. Now he's starting to do thing like imaginary play and pointing, which is pulling him away from the borderline and back into the not-autism category. We'll know for sure I guess when he turns 3.

No way to tell what would have happened if we'd not gotten services, but right now I'll come down in their favor. Especially the occupational therapy.
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So needed this long weekend! And Brent thus far has handled the transition from a crib to a bed rather well. I was expecting him to show some surprise when he came into his room, but he just took it all in stride and got out some blocks to play with (which actually he usually doesn't like to play in his room, he prefers to bring things into the living room so may be this is the start of something new and wonderful).

Boring, mundane stuff. )
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Plan was to drop Brent off with his grandparents this weekend while Andy and I rest and see Star Trek: Into Darkness. Well, Brent's been sick with hand, foot, and mouth. Aside from a rash and a bit of lethargy he's been fine. Yesterday he was full of his usual energy and I figured the stupid virus was on it's last legs.

And then he started throwing up last night.

Well, he did that last Friday, too. I figured it was a bit of stomach upset though I was mildly annoyed. Eventually got him settled down and back to sleep. This morning I figured he'd be fine, but the throwing up last night was just the start of things. Because he threw up again. Over and over. All over me several times. And of course, he started this the minute, the very minute that Andy left to run errands. There's nothing like being stuck with no back up with a screaming toddler who is covered in vomit while you are covered in it as well and just want to jump in the shower, and standing in a pile of vomit.

Bit concerned because he should be getting over this stupid virus by now. Debating about taking him back to the doctor. At any rate, my laid back child free Saturday plans vanished, and now I'm covered in vomit.
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My Aunt C is 61 years old. But that didn't stop her from intervening when she saw someone snatch a purse from a person using a wheelchair the other night. The purse snatcher knocked Aunt C. down, but she continued to hold onto that purse even as he ran away and dragged her on the ground after him. Um, eventually she did have to let go, and she now has a broken arm and injured her hip.

OK, she didn't stop the purse snatcher, but she is 61, probably all of 5'2, and she made a helluva go at it.

Goes back to my firm belief that the women in my family are incredible. My mom (my aunt's younger sister), pulled someone from a burning vehicle. And my grandmother (their mother) ran into a burning house to rescue her siblings (and would have gone in to rescue some baby chicks, but was held back).

Right now we're vacillating between chagrined amusement at Aunt C. (you're 61 years old and not Wonder Woman!) and admiration. Overall I'm just proud to have her in my family.
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This has been a week! My dad, who watches B. on Mon and Weds, is sick with pneumonia. So Andy and I had to put him in daycare for four days this week. B. actually handled it well. That it, until today, 10 minutes before Andy picked him up when another child bit B.'s finger because he wanted to play with the toy B. was playing with!

Naturally, B. started to cry. He was fine by the time I got home, but I'm not fine! Channeling my inner mother bear here! Don't mess with my cub! How dare someone bite my baby!

I'm really surprised by how upset I am about it. Thank goodness tomorrow is my day off and we get to spend it together.
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Like he does on most Sundays, Andy took B. to church. While Andy was there a woman came up to him and asked how old B. is. Andy said that B. had just turned 2. The woman commented that she watches them each week and B. is always so calm and well behaved each week and said she was impressed. She asked Andy what his secret was. Andy replied that his wife is a parenting guru.

As Andy related this story to me over lunch I said that positive parenting works so well and is so easy, and then lamented that people just don't do it. Andy replied that it's also counter intuitive, and said that he did not think it would work well. He said the only reason he agreed to do it was because he thought it would fail, and then he would be able to step in and do it his way.

Andy then said he has been pleasantly surprised by how well positive parenting techniques work. They have worked so well, in fact, that he has abandoned his previous plan and converted to the positive parenting side.

Kinda rambly stuff that I've probably talked about before below. )
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While I was at the playground with B. this evening, I listened as other older children were playing games. One little boy goes up to a girl and says, "Hey, let's play Hunger Games."

She asks how do you play. He replies that it is simple. "All you have to do is kill people and get food."

I laughed. And then I hoped he was not the next serial killer in the making.
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It's one hour till my evening therapy group. I just finish up with my last individual client of the day and prepare emotionally to tackle group. Then I get a phone call. It's the daycare center, saying B. has a red patch on his cheek and it looks like something bit him and he might need to go to the hospital. I'm concerned, but Andy should be there any minute to pick him up, so I'm not overly concerned. And he has rosy cheeks and fair skin like I do. A lot of times I get red rashes that are nothing to worry about. They ask if they can give him some benadryl, which I ok. They send me a picture. I'm mildly concerned, and try to get a hold of Andy who sometimes works late to make sure he's almost there. No luck.

So I'm starting to get mildly panicky. )

About B's developmental delays and getting him on track. )
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Yup, I'm proud to be turning 30. I've done some great things with my life, I'm in a position to do even greater things in the future, and I like the people in my life. I'm only 30, pretty damn healthy, and I'll still have lots of time to do everything else I want to do. So yay 30!
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Pottermore finally opened up to the general public. Interesting challenge actually getting in. First my confirmation message went to my spam box, which rarely happens. My email service is usually so good at sorting wanted from unwanted stuff that I don't even think about it. It wasn't until several days later that it hit me that I still did not have my confirmation email that I went fishing for it.

Found it, confirmed everything, and it still took them over a day to get my account activated. Finally got in. I enjoyed exploring and learning the new information JK Rowling put out. I got my wand, which I loved. 14 1/2 inches, pear, unicorn core, flexible. It seemed to fit me well. Was looking forward to getting sorted.


* If this seems disjointed or if weird characters are placed at strange places, it's because my son decided to help me type.
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What to do for B.'s education. Yes. He's almost 17 months old and kindergarten and the like are years away. But I live in Texas. It ranks #2 in the worst schools in the US. And the feelers I've put out for private school have turned my hair grey when I saw the tuition rates. Really. It's cheaper to get a 4 year degree at a private university then to send your child to private school.

I hate the high stakes standardized testing environment here. I have subbed for schools that didn't have textbooks (which are problematic in and of themselves), they have test manuals that the kids "learn" from. No. I do not want to send him to school for 18 years to learn how to take a damn test.

They're also killing recess. Some schools don't have recess five days a week anymore. Studies have shown the tremendous academic benefits of recess, but this is Texas. We don't care about science here.

More grousing under the cut. )

In other news, I finally found some info on bell pepper allergies. Background: I have a severe bell pepper allergy. Smelling them can cause an asthma attack. The thing about bell pepper allergies is they are some of the most rare allergies out there and not a lot is known about them.

This is why I don't eat Mexican food. )


Apr. 13th, 2012 08:02 pm
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It's been a hell of a week. I hate driving, but I've been driving from one podunk town to another for orientation and training for the new job. They're spread out over a wide geographical radius. Thankfully where I'll be working is close to the house.

I swear, this week I've driven through every podunk town in N. Texas. And I've seen more Confederate flags than I've ever cared to. I think I'm going to vomit if I see another one. What a way to wear racism on your sleeve. Yikes, I need to get out of the south!

Strangely, despite the pile of paper work I'm buried under and the travel stress, I'm actually getting the writing bug again. Hopefully it'll stay around awhile longer. I finished a Slayers fic last night that I've been struggling with for over a year. I'm sitting on it until I can do some proofing on it. Hopefully I can get it up in the next two weeks.

I'm also making serious plans for a Buffy fic, though I'm going to have to do some research. I've got a detailed outlined and character sketches going through. Basically I started to wonder what would happen if a woman who was born into slavery was called to be the Slayer. I'm basing her off Harriett Tubman, and it would be set sometime in the late 1850s in the US. I'm a bit wary of writing it because of all of the potential racism potholes I could fall into, but the idea has really grabbed me.

Especially, because growing up in the South, they try to teach about how the people who were enslaved were happy and well treated and never rebelled. They rebelled. Harriet Tubman's family had a history of it. And they were not alone. I was recently reading how in Brazil so many people escaped slavery that they formed complex fugitive towns. I want to show how people who were enslaved were fighting the cruel system.

The other thing is it would obviously not have Buffy, but it would have the Watcher's Council. And if you thought Quentin Travers was bad, wait till you meet his Great Great Grandfather.

Anyway, if anyone has any historical insights into that time or sources to point me to, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Mar. 29th, 2012 08:43 pm
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My Week

1. My brand new computer went kablooie, and we had to send it into the shop.

2. I get sick with a throat infection on Sunday. I figure it will clear in a day or so. I'll definitely be fine before my job interview on Thursday.

3. Weds comes, and I've lost my voice and the infection has spread to my lungs, making it hurt to breath. Onto the doctor for antibiotics and shots.

4. My voice cleared up enough just in time for the interview...even if I did have a bad coughing fit during it.

5. The back up laptop I was using while my comp is in the shop conked out. Having to share with Andy now.

Going to curl under the covers, eat ice cream and watch Buffy season 5 now.


Mar. 12th, 2012 01:28 pm
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The good news is that I've been offered to teach two summer semesters, three classes during each of them. It will be a lot of extra money. Since summer semesters are so condensed, though, teaching 9 hours/week will essentially be a full time job. My dad and my sis have been helping me cover for childcare thus far, but we're not sure how that's going to work during the summer.

So I've been checking out daycares. I've been planning to put B. in a preschool for 2 days a week when he turns 2, and he will be 18 months in May. So it's 6 months early, but what they hey? Summer semester starts in June. Thing is, he really wants to play with other kids. When there's another kid at the park he will follow him around and watch his every move. He seems so social that I think it would be good for him to be around other kids. Since all of my friends with small kids live far away, and since my neighbors with kids B.'s age are so conservative that the father won't even talk to me if I'm outside without my husband...

Anyway, I've been browsing daycares. And do you know what is ridiculously hard? Finding one that lets kids be kids and play.

During millions of years of evolution we evolved a wonderful little learning tool: play. )


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