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I'm on a road trip to see my sister in Des Moines, and we stopped by the Little House site in Independence, KS on the way. This is the site from Little House on the Prairie. The cabin is a reconstruction, though the well Pa Ingalls dug was there. Anyway, observations and the like below.

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Right now, my son's favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba. For those of you who have never been subjected to this show, well, it's difficult to describe. I think that the thoughts that came to mind the most during the first episode was "what the fuck?" and "what drugs were they on when they created it?" One of the most disturbing scenes involves a furry green monster eating food with smiley faces clamoring about how they're going to the party in his tummy...complete with a view of the food bouncing around in his tummy. I can't make this stuff up.

B. loves it. It resonates with his toddler brain in ways I cannot fathom. He'll stand in front of the tv clamoring "Yo Gab Gab!" with the opening song while I yearn for the good old shows that I used to like growing up.

But then I've found that the shows I liked as a kid weren't always all that. I'm not sure if Seasame Street was always that bad or if it has only recently gotten that bad. Then there's He-Man, which I have found memories of. I nearly died with excitement when I saw it on sale at Target for $5. I scooped it up and took it home and plopped it into the DVD player only to find myself disappointed. It was not as good as I remember. I'm wary of buying She-Ra and facing similar disappointment.

The big one that has been getting on my nerves lately is Little House on the Prairie. The tv show. I'm still a fan of the books, but the tv show...oh boy.

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