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Andy and I took the kids to see the new live action Beauty and the Beast, and I loved it a lot more than I was expecting to. This was my favorite Disney movie as a child, and I always identified heavily with Belle (I got in trouble with school for reading to much, I had people tell me I was so beautiful and if I would just put the book down and talk to people I would have friends, and all I wanted was to get away from everyone at school and have an adventure somewhere else). They fixed some of the plot holes and what made the original problematic as much as they could and had some surprises. I was hoping they would have "If I Can't Love Her" from the Broadway musical in there, but they put in "Evermore" instead, and I was torn between being disappointed that it wasn't "If I Can't Love Her" versus taken with the power of "Evermore". Upon getting home and listening to them both again I have decided that Dan Stevens is my new Hollywood crush.

This was the second time I've taken the kids to a theater and wasn't wracked with anxiety over their behavior and could just enjoy...for the most part. It was a long movie and Gwen was a little monkey and dumped popcorn all over me. Still, the theater the aisles are now so big and separated from each other that you really aren't aware of what is going on in other rows, and everyone else in this theater had young kids except for the aides who were there with two women with Down Syndrome, and I could tell that people in other rows were being more disruptive than Gwen (but even then I wasn't too bothered by it because it seemed so distant), that I couldn't stress about it. Brent was entranced through the whole movie and every time Andy tried to check on him resented the interruption. Gwen loved certain scenes, moved around a lot, said, "uh-oh" and "oh no!" and got a bit scared during the scene with the wolves. She was sitting in my lap but then she looked at Andy, screamed, "Daddy!" and went over to him.

Anyway, the movie.

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Yesterday I got my kiddos to watch "Beauty and the Beast." My kiddos are very found of Pixar and computer animated stuff, but traditional 2D cartoons have been a hard sell for them for whatever reason, B moreso than G. But the stars aligned yesterday, and G really got into it, saying "uh-oh!" throughout the battle scene in the castle at the end (so cute!)

"Beauty and the Beast" was my favorite Disney movie growing up. I was 10 when it came out, and I identified strongly with Belle. I loved to read and felt estranged and outcast from society. I was also a rather beautiful little girl with the exotic combination of strawberry blonde hair and dark brown eyes that adults could not stop commenting about and I constantly had people telling me "if you would just smile," "if you would just socialize more," "if you would just be more stylish," type stuff. So I identified strongly with Belle.

And like Belle, I wanted more "than this provincial life." Heck, it was practically my catchphrase when I was 10. Real life was boring and no one particularly liked me and I wanted to go on adventures and explore new places. When I was 10 I don't really remember what I thought about the Beast or the romance aspect, or if I thought about it at all. As an adult, I shudder and think about Stockholm Syndrome. Unfortunately, there's just no way around it.

So it was with a mix of feelings that I watched it with my kids. I still love Belle and relate to the opening song. And then I kind of cringe from the time she arrives at the castle till the end of the movie (well, with the exception of the scene where the beast showed Belle the library, that still gives me goosebumps).

Awhile back ago I saw this image of Belle looking towards the TARDIS, from which a hand is outstretched. And it really resonated with me. What a better story for Belle, to go off on adventures in the TARDIS! In my head, Belle and Maurice join the Doctor for adventures.

I will be interested to see how the live action movie they will do handles the whole Stockholm syndrome aspect of the show. Especially with Emma Watson playing Belle.


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