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Pioneer Girl Perspectives: Exploring Laura Ingalls WilderPioneer Girl Perspectives: Exploring Laura Ingalls Wilder by Nancy Tystad Koupal

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This was a good collection of essays examining the Little House books in light of the publication of Pioneer Girl. Like all books that include the works of many different authors, some essays are stronger than others, overall, I felt each essay added something and can only remember one that felt like a chore to get through.

It broadened my history of life on the American frontier without ignoring the problematic elements of the novels (such as the treatment of the First American population that was already living in the places where the Ingalls family attempted to settle). I know some viewers are distressed to learn that things among the family were not as idealized in real life as they were in the books, but I find this fascinating and am always hungry for more information, especially as the relationship between Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rose Wilder Lane seemed especially complicated.

Definitely would recommend.

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