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I'm on a road trip to see my sister in Des Moines, and we stopped by the Little House site in Independence, KS on the way. This is the site from Little House on the Prairie. The cabin is a reconstruction, though the well Pa Ingalls dug was there. Anyway, observations and the like below.

-The cabin was tiny! I'm 5'9 and I would have bumped my head on the support beams. I remember one part in the book where Laura and Mary filled the cabin with firewood, and after seeing it, I'm thinking "where would they have been able to stack all that firewood!?"

-I was expecting the prairie to be flatter and to have less trees. Andy, who was keeping an eye on the altimeter, thought I was crazy because it was relatively flat, but I could see hills and the like on the horizon, which I wasn't expecting.

-I also wasn't expecting how close this was to Oklahoma. About an hour all told.

-I took the one of my kids running to me when I was coming out of the bathroom. I had the theme song to the show running through my head with the way they were running.

-There were a lot of donkeys at the site, and Gwen had a fun time petting them. At one point one of the donkeys went to a trough that didn't have water but pantomined drinking. Gwen then went and found one with water in it and started calling to the donkey saying, "water over here!"

-The kids did well on the car ride. Now that we are in the hotel room...they are driving us crazy. Hoping they conk out and go to sleep soon.


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