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-Currently my grandmother is at rehab, but she's not making any progress. Likely in mid June she's going to a group hospice home. I'm 35, and this is the first time someone close to me has died, so it's been something. I've started trying to talk with Brent about death, though, I'm not sure how much he understands. Gwen doesn't get it at all. This morning she found a dead frog in the parking lot and started pointing and yelling, "frog!" Then, when she walked away, she started waving and saying, "bye-bye frog!" Childhood innocence and the brutality of life had never stood in such stark contrast.

-Brent is becoming an addition calculating machine. Most days he asked to do math problems with us. Usually I pull them up on the computer and he calculates them on the abacus. But one day he was doing them with Andy and Andy couldn't find the program I use, so Brent started writing questions on paper and then, because he didn't have the abacus with him, he started putting dots on the paper to represent how many he was adding. He's still not able to hold conversations, but he is better at addition than I was at his age!

-I had been worried about how unfriendly Miss Gwen has been. When I take her to the library, if someone sat with her, she would leave the table and if someone said "hi" and I asked her if she wanted to say "hi" she would say "no." These past few weeks she's started to open up and say hi to others and even play a little bit with other children.
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