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Three Stones Make a Wall: The Story of ArchaeologyThree Stones Make a Wall: The Story of Archaeology by Eric H Cline

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book about archaeology. In addition to learning about many fascinating ancient cultures, Cline was able to add a refreshing bit of humor to the subject. I often found myself Googling the places he was talking about, and often wish books like these had some sort of online companion with pictures of the places and objects that were discussed, as well as to illustrate some of the more technical concepts in archaeology.

Cline also explored issues pertinent to modern archaeology, such as the need for measures to prevent looting, and explained how archaeology can become politically contentious at times and gave the reader a feel for the complexity of these issues. Reading this was also a good demonstration on how science changes to accommodate the evidence that we find and gives the reader a good feel for how science works.

My sole quibble was that the chapter on Masada sort of petered out after the mystery of what happened there was presented and got me rather intrigued. Other than that this was a solid, enjoyable read.

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