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My Life, My Love, My LegacyMy Life, My Love, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King

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This book embodies the sentiment of, behind every successful man is a woman, but behind every successful woman is herself. It was good to read about Coretta and the story of her activism, and how the issues she cared about were not necessarily the issues that MLK cared about (for instance, she was a pacifist and protested the Vietnam War from the beginning). It was also sad to read about how women were pushed to the margins of the Civil Rights movement and how she was denied her one chance to meet President Kennedy.

I felt the first half of this book was stronger than the second half. The story of her origins and fighting for civil rights with MLK was fascinating. Growing up in the late 80s, the Civil Rights movement seemed only about whites only water foundations, but learning that Coretta's house was burnt to the ground by white people because her father was too successful in his business, and that his business was also later burnt to the ground, and that they had no legal recourse, puts a frightening understanding about what life was like for black people during segregation.

The second half of the book seemed more rambling. Instead of placing events in chronological order, things were grouped by topic, and then, in some chapters, some tangent seemed randomly thrown in. It also turned a lot more to defending her actions from criticism she has received and setting the record straight than continuing a narrative.

Overall, I feel this is an important book to read, and do recommend.

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