May. 7th, 2017

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Title: All Apologies
Fandom The Slayers
Characters/Pairings: Lina/Gourry, Radok, Amelia
Ratings/Warnings: Het sex
Plot: After losing her temper while getting sword fighting lessons from Gourry, Lina decides to make things up to him. Novels continuity. Written as a request for scrik.


May. 7th, 2017 12:03 pm
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There were only 4 things on the ballot in my tiny city. Total. Two for school board, two for city council. And one of the city council positions only had one person running for it. Well, I was excited about the school board because of the people running. When I went to vote early, though, the polling place closest to me was closed.

So yesterday Andy and I went to city hall, and found that we could only vote for the city council position there, even though there were only two positions to vote for and one was only had one person in the running. So to vote for school board we had to go down the street. Our small city is technically in two counties, and for whatever reason school board was in one county and city council the other, so two polling locations for 4 ballot items. Can you say ridiculous?

Anyway, one of the people I was supporting for school board won. For the other position, four people were running. Three I thought had good answers to my questions on how to support special education, and the fourth reply was along the lines of "I've never heard of there being a problem with special education here, and I've been a teacher here for 10 years." Thankfully, she got the least amount of votes. While my preferred candidate did not win for this, my second choice did, so overall I'm happy. Hopefully we'll see some encouraging changes in the schools soon.
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As one of those masochist counselors who actually loves couples therapy, lately I’ve been getting training in the Gottman & Gottman method of couples therapy. And while learning about the theory and research behind it, I naturally apply this all to my favorite fictional couple, Lina and Gourry. Unlike most therapists, the Gottmans (a married couple themselves), developed their therapy by doing long term studies of couples in an apartment laboratory, recording how they talk and communicate with each other, and then comparing what the happily married couples are doing and what the unhappily married couples who eventually break up are doing, and what the difference is. And John Gottman can predict with 91% accuracy if a couples will divorce in five years or not based on how they communicate.

Being one of those rare therapists who is good with numbers and understands research design in addition to being highly empathetic and intuitive, I’m rather drawn to this method as opposed to models that make sense intuitively but don’t have a body of evidence backing them (sometimes things that are intuitive aren’t, the Earth orbiting the Sun for instance).
So, will Lina and Gourry be a happily married couple 60 years down the road?
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