Apr. 25th, 2017

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School board elections in my city have tended to be underwhelming. I live in a small city five minutes away from Fort Worth, and right now everyone currently on the school board has backgrounds in everything but child development and teaching. Call me weird, but I believe that people who serve on school boards should know first hand what goes on in a classroom and have a background in child development. And usually the reasons that Andy and I vote in the election is to make sure the village nut who believes that they're trying to implement Sharia law in schools (this is the Bible belt, trust me, I've never had anyone force Sharia law on me, but have had teachers try to force Christianity on me) does not get elected. This does not mean we're particularly excited about the person we're voting for, though, we're just voting for the person who isn't the unhinged conspiracy theorist.

And researching candidates for school board and our city government has always been exasperating, because generally there's no info, and finding their background and stance on issues requires several hours of digging on Google. So I was stunned when I came home and there was a flyer on my door for someone running for school board. That's never happened as long as I've lived here.
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