Apr. 9th, 2017

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Perhaps I spoke too soon about G being typical. After last night I'm really worried she's developing OCD. Andy and I joked about it, but for the most part we just assumed it was typical toddler stuff she would grow out of, but it's getting worse. I've spent the morning contacting everyone I know who works with children and everyone is drawing a blank.

Pretty much spent the night up every two hours with her. G has always been particular about having her hands clean and gets distressed if they are dirty. Nothing unusual about that. However, lately she started spitting on her hands, and then she gets worked up and spits again, and gets even more upset until we get her a washcloth. Last night, she got so worked up she refused the washcloth and had to be taken to the sink, which worked twice. After that she would get so worked up that the sink was not enough and we just tried to distract her as she kept spitting on her hands and then she started to jam her fingers down her throat, gagging herself and even throwing up once.
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