Mar. 30th, 2017

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Before I begin, I value my time. And though I am easy going and let a lot of things roll, having my time wasted is not one of those things. You can't get time back. And I don't believe in an after life, so the time I have is the time I have and I like to maximize my use of it. So let's just say, I was not setting out with good hopes when I went to the Montessori school and was worried about further wasture of my time. But I went.

So I got there, and I was told by the Vice Principal that the office staff would be expecting me and...they weren't. The admin even dismissed the time error and treated me as though I was wasting her time, and I had to pull out the "I spoke to the VP about this" for her to look at the paperwork. Then she asked me about grade placement, and I said that was uncertain.
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