Mar. 27th, 2017

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Last night I watched Netflick's The Most Hated Woman in America. It's about the abduction and murder of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, her son and her granddaughter, weaved in with the story of how she became an activist for atheistism. She is most (in)famous for making it illegal for teacher's or schools to lead prayer (I get annoyed when I see it reported that she banned prayer from public schools. No, she did not ban it. Students can pray as much as they want. What they can't do is force other students to pray).

Like a lot of atheists, I've never been comfortable with O'Hair. I really felt in a lot of ways she embodied the negative stereotypes about atheists, and I've never gotten on board with the whole religion is evil thing (it has done good things, and it has done bad things, intolerance is evil). After watching this I've pretty much come to the conclusion that she was ahead of her time, marching with black people to protest segregation, protesting Vietnam, fighting for women's rights, etc, and that overall her goals were good, but that she was simply not a pleasant person and her means were, well, oh boy. And while I think she started with good intentions, she fell into temptation regarding money.
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This morning Andy and I had the meeting with B's caseworker to go over his progress. And it was impressive! In one year he has made 2 to nearly 3 years of progress in the social, cognitive and life skills domain, and his developmental age has caught up to or is just a few months behind his actual age in those domains. He no longer qualifies for OT therapy, and the only domain he is still significantly behind in is speech, and they are planning to target that this year and get him up to speed there. Even then, he went from a developmental age of about 2 years on speech to 3, so he's made progress there as well.

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