Mar. 22nd, 2017

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Tomorrow I'm taking part in a research study that looks at cultural experiences of caregivers of autistic children. What little I've learned about the study sounds intriguing and I hope I'll get a copy of the results of whenever when it's finished.

They finished testing B to assess his yearly progress, and we're getting the full report Monday, though his case manager said that in some domains he made two years of developmental progress in one year! Really the big area he still lags behind in is communication, and they are going to start to target that and work on conversational skills. Even then, it's still just so much better from what it was. He can tell us what he wants and answer some basic questions about himself now (how old are you, where do you live, what's your mommy's name, etc).

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OK folks. Generally I tend to follow my muse when I write, but right now she’s not giving me much that is coherent that I can work with. And I want to write, and need it to take my thoughts away from real life stressors. And it’s been awhile since I worked with prompts, and I enjoy doing it.

So from now till 4/1 you can IM me requests for L/G stuff. I’ll consider Zel/Amelia prompts if I find them intriguing, and I wouldn’t mind exploring Luke and Milina’s relationship a bit if I could find an angle to hold onto. But really I’m an L/G fanatic, so…

Anyway, I’ll work on whatever little or much I get through April, and start posting stuff in May, because May is the best and most beautiful month of the year.

I am still working on “The Storm”, but I need a bit more to consume my thoughts right now. Also need some direction. So I put up a poll on Tumblr with some questions about what direction to go in.


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