Mar. 11th, 2017

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Last year was a prolific year, this one not is not shaping up so much, which tends to go in cycles for me. Also, because the online counseling has me doing so much online, in my down time I'm more likely to curl up with a book right now so I can ignore the messages better. Anyway, where various projects stand.

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This morning I woke up glad that my house was not burned to cinders.

I was getting home late last night after seeing clients, and there's a road in my neighborhood that is lined with the fences of people's backyard. Suddenly I saw orange flames, 15-20 feet high. I slowed down and could see through the slits of the fence that a neighbor's yard was on fire. It looked like they had an uncontrolled burn from their grill that had caught the grass on fire. I pulled into the street, panicking about what to do. If I called the fire department but didn't warn whoever was inside that their backyard was on fire, then their house could catch on fire and someone could get hurt before the fire department got there, so I decided the best thing to do would be bang on someone's door at 10 at night and hope that they would answer.

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