Feb. 26th, 2017

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Well, if you're wondering what Obamacare AKA the ACA has done for people, it covered B's therapy for one. Before the ACA services for autism were not covered by insurance because it was not considered rehabilitative because autistic children never had certain skills in the first place. And while we grumbled about the ridiculous deductibles and maximum out of pocket expenses, paying $10,000 a year was a LOT better than paying upward $70,000 a year. One is affordable for us (it hurts, we've had to cut back and I could really use some new clothes, etc, but it's doable), the other is not.

And this year it got even better for us because some of the provisions that were originally grandfathered into our plan to allow insurance companies time to adjust expired thanks to the ACA, so we don't have to pay maximum out of pocket expenses for B's therapy, dropping the expense from $10,000 to $6,000. Of course if Andy, G or I ever need a trip to the emergency room we'll still have to pay a bit out of pocket, but our insurance situation this year is infinitely better than it was last year thanks to provisions that benefited the insurance company at the expense of the consumer being taken away and changed thanks to the Affordable Care Act. And at least there isn't a separate 6,000 deductible for Andy, G, B and I EACH like there was last year, just one deductible for the family.

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