Jan. 31st, 2017

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26. Have you ever had a desktop photo of Slayers?

I’ve had many! I have a desktop timer that cycles through several hundred wallpapers. Not just Slayers, though. Tons of other shows, but there are a lot of Slayers ones. In fact, right now it’s a colorized one of Lina and Gourry looking deeply into each other’s eyes....Inspiration! And it just changed to one of Lina being Lina.
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How many of you read Anne Frank growing up? How many of you cried? How many of you wondered how such atrocities could be allowed to happen? How many of you wondered how so many people could turn their backs on the suffering of others?

Well, if you are against helping the refugees, look in the mirror, and all of those questions will be answered. And Anne Frank's death becomes meaningless.

Did you know that Otto Frank, Anne's father, tried desperately to get his family somewhere out of reach of the Nazis, and that included trying to reach America? But because Americans were suspicious of Jewish people and increasingly hostile to foreigners, they were denied entry.

No Asylum, now available on Amazon Prime, is a documentary that tells the story of Mr. Frank's vain efforts to escape with his family to the US. The most horrifying part of this is that originally the Nazis did not want to kill Jewish people. They wanted them out of their lands. But when other countries that weren't under Nazi control refused to take them in, then they started to execute Jewish people en mass. This has chilling implications for our times

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