Jan. 29th, 2017

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24. Would you wish for another season?

Yes, however, I think I’d prefer a reboot that focuses on staying closer to the novel’s storyline. Much as I’d love to see the later storylines animated, I think the extended break between seasons forces the creators to do things that aren’t in the best interest of telling the story, thus you have recycling successful villains and poorly trying to recapture the humor-action balance of the original in Evo-Revo rather than creating a quality story that holds up on it’s own that could have drawn in new as well as old fans.
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I'm in a state of mild shock over how quickly freedom is dying. I thought it would take longer. The Muslim Ban is extremely distressing. I went to school with a large immigrant population. I went to school with people fleeing horrors that we in the US can scarcely imagine. They've also been my teachers and my co-workers.

The Republicans aren't going to do anything (except, perhaps, McCain and Graham). Cruz and Cornyn have both sent police officers to tell constituents to leave the building when they try to talk with them and have shut down their offices to avoid talking to people, and Cruz has even shut off the answering service on his phone in Dallas.

Dems are still trying to compromise and be accommodating, but the time for that is past. What is going on is terrifying. Freedom of press is under attack, our government agencies are gagged, we're facing war with China and I'm scared out of my mind that Trump will bomb Mexico over this ridiculous wall, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The courts and the Dems are our last defense, and they need to be unequivocal in standing up and fighting back.

THis is barely a week out. THe thought of this continuing for four years just...


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