Jan. 26th, 2017

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21. Favorite spell?

Either the Ragna Blade because the is effin cool, or Visfarank.

Spell that I never got to see in the anime but would have loved to is Zelas Brid.
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On Tumblr I posted that with just fanfiction I wrote about 180,000 words in 2016 (with blog posts, client notes, and original work, that number goes up), and FrenchCirce asked how I do that with two kids. Part of the answer is genetic. Because of I'm autistic and have an auditory processing disorder, listening and speaking were very hard for me as a child (and still difficult over the phone), so when I was young (and even now) I preferred reading things because the written word is more certain than the spoken one. And it goes the same with writing versus speaking, I express myself better through writing. So I wrote often as a child.

My parents also write, and even before most people had a household computer, they had a typewriter and then a word processor, and I would use those often. Anyway, I get up to speeds of about 80-90 WPM, so I can type out about 5000 words in an hour. So there's a strong compulsion to write because of genetics and because it's how I express myself and I love written words more than spoken ones, and practice.

As for the practice part...

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