Jan. 22nd, 2017

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17. Favorite unlikely ship?

Hm, well, there’s not many cannon ships in the series, and this is vague enough I’m not sure if they mean cannon or non-cannon. I’m also having a hard time quantifying unlikely.

Cannon: I guess Zel and Amelia are a bit unlikely, because she’s a princess and in those times royalty married royalty. And given Zel’s condition I don’t really see him dropping his search for his cure to settle down in Seyruun.

Non-cannon: After reading the novels I became intrigue by the idea of Zelgadis and Sylphiel. They worked well together in Sairaag, their personalities suit each other, and they both stood up to Rezo when it was dangerous for them to do so and have reasons to personally hate him.

And, I think Xellos and Sherra would be interesting, granted, I’m, not entirely convinced that Mazokus romance each other. And given that Xellos is very effective at what he does and Sherra lets her pride get in the way, might point to some serious personality conflicts. But these things aren’t rational, so…


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