Jan. 21st, 2017

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16. If you were in Lina’s position would have cast the Giga Slave?

With the caveat that we rarely really know how we would act in high risks situations (we tend to overestimate our abilities to handle everything perfectly without freezing), logically I would say yes. If Lina had refused to cast it to save Gourry, Hellmaster would have kept killing her other friends, and then he could have either targeted her family or held a random town hostage and killed them all, and kept doing it until she decided to cast it. I ultimately see Lina being in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t place. While she may have been able to go home, summon Luna and every other powerful human she’s ever met to fight him, I think Phibrizzo would have spent the time she took doing that to kill a large number of people. Basically she made a high stakes gamble: keep as many people living as possible versus the whole world.

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I wasn't sure about the turn out. I know several people who decided to go to the big march in Austin, and one who even went to THE march in DC, and there were also marches in Dallas and Denton, which are both about an hour away from Fort Worth. And then there was another one in the biggest suburb neighboring Fort Worth. And this march didn't get organized until, like, Wednesday. So I was nervous I was going to end up being there with only a few hundred people.
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