Jan. 20th, 2017

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15. What outfit from the series do you wish you owned.

This is hard, because I don’t like a lot of the outfits in the series, I mean, really, Slayers fashion is in serious SOS.

I guess Amelia’s green dress in the Femille episode is sorta cute (and actually so are Lina’s and Martina’s, but I like the color of Amelia’s outfit best) and I could pull it off. Lina’s yellow dress in the cruise ship episode is also cute but considering that by the time I was 13 I was so tall people were mistaking me for an adult, let’s just say I can’t pull off the cute little girl look so it would be a waste owning it. So Amelia’s green dress.

That said, “wish I owned” is stretching it a bit, but if it magically appeared in my closet one day I would wear around town without feeling embarrassed.
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Hey ya’ll, not only does this series include plot elements and scenes from my fanfic, Slayers RESOLUTION, but this clip also includes one of my Missing Scenes, so if you ever wanted to see them animated…

Hats off to @scrik!
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Much as I would love to be in DC right now, between money and small kids, it's not possible. At first I was going to march in Austin, but then they created a march in closer Denton, so I was going to do that. Then they organized a march in Dallas, so I was going to go there. And then a march in Fort Worth finally got organized, so that's where I will be.

On a strange note, my sis will be marching in the midwest, and we did not collaborate on our signs. When she saw what I was planning she said her is going to be "The Ladies Remember." We don't look alike and people are often surprised we're sisters, but there are times it's obvious we are related.

And if I have to explain the references...
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