Jan. 18th, 2017

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13. What attracted you to the series?

Lina’s fight to win speech, and the way she is the big hero in the story, and the way she has friendships with other women, and the epic, rather unconventional approach it took with the love story aspect, and the humor.
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I saw this on Tumblr


And I think the baseline premise, that fan artists are more valued than fanfic writers is true, yet it goes beyond the kudos or comments for me and is far less about the tiny fandom I'm in, which is a great fandom and I don't have complaints about. I think one of the benefits of being in a smaller, more mature fandom is I don't get the whole people see me as a machine. Overall everyone is very gracious and understands that I have work and kids and sometimes things just fizzle out, and the pressure I put on myself to be a workhorse is self-imposed. So I do not mean this as a critique on anyone following me.

More of, my complaints stem from how fan art is so well received that people can make money off it, while fanfic writers are often ridiculed, and writing fanfics is sort of a mark of shame. I do want to make it clear before I go any further, I do not want to make money off fanfiction and I am not asking for money. But that fan artists are so esteemed that they CAN profit from fanworks while fanfic writers can't burns a bit.

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