Jan. 16th, 2017

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11. Who’s your least favorite character?

Back in college it was Martina. She annoyed the daylights out of me. Boy crazy drama queens tend to annoy the shit out of me in real life (er, sorry to all the boy crazy drama queens out there, if it helps, karma is biting me in the ass, as my adorable little two-year-old is becoming quite the Drama Queen, we’ll see what she’s like as a teenager I guess), so I was often exasperated with her. With time and nostalgia I’ve softened towards her a bit.

Now, I would say Pokota. The whole him being a stuffed animal just disturbs me because A. I overthink it and B. I’m highly empathetic. Which looks like this: He has a zipper on his stomach, his stomach zips open and closed. I get shivers thinking about it, because I imagine having a zipper on my stomach and people being able to open and close it and it GIVES ME THE EFFIN HEEBIE JEEBIES! I am gagging thinking about it!

And it that’s not bad enough, he just sticks huge stuff like the SOL in there! OMG! HE IS CARRYING A SWORD HILT INSIDE OF HIM! WTF I’M GAGGING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! WHAT IF IT SOMEHOW ACTIVATED INSIDE OF HIM!? And does he keep his other gear in there!? Does it all jostling and bumble around in his stomach? AIYEEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYE!

And that he is filled with stuffing! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! And how the stuffing just magically stays in place after his ears are cut off? There’s no one with OCDD who goes up to him and starts pulling it out!? UUUURRRRRRGH!

Suffice to say, I find it highly disturbing to look at him/think about him/hear mentions of him. The logistics of his character just…don’t sit well with me. And this is why he has barely a mention in one story I’ve written (out of, er, 68 stories) and likely will never feature in anything I’ve written more prominently than that.


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