Jan. 12th, 2017

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7. What is your favorite quote from the series?

I have several, but I decided to go with this one because this was my turning point for falling in love with the series, and when I did a search to make sure I did it right I found someone have put it in a nice video format! Needed this back in college for my pre-test routines, or back in the days before I was self-employed for job interview preps.
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I keep having this freaky dream that I have a third child. I'm not having nightmares about being pregnant again, but that I've already been pregnant and have a third child, a son, usually a year younger than G.

What freaks me out is I typically have never bothered to name him and usually am so busy I barely interact with him and know nothing about him.

Last night I dreamt he was between B and G age wise, and he finally got a name (Blaine), and I was upset that there was another set of diapers to change and another one to potty train (I expect by the end of February TOPS to have both kids out of diapers). But once again, I was disturbed that I knew nothing about Blaine. I attributed it to the dreaded middle child thing In any case, I'm relieved when I wake up and assure myself that I only have two and that there isn't one lurking around that I just forgot about somehow.

Anyway, if I had a recurring nightmare about being pregnant again, I'd understand. But having one of having had a third kid who is so inconspicuous that 99% of the time I forget I've even had him? Baffling and unsettling. Not sure what's going on with my unconscious mind.


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